Is your cat ruining your furniture?

Pet food stores have sprays for upholstery which cats do not like – but will not hurt the cat. Spritz a little everyday in areas that the cat scratches.

Have at least one scratching post that the cat is attracted to, (a little cat-nip, rubbed on the scratching post may also help). Cat owners need to be at least as stubborn as their cat to redirect their cat away from their chosen furniture. Every cat has different preferences.

If you have any other tips for cat owners please email us; and we’ll add your ideas to our web site.

Here is more information from the SPCA about cats that scratch furniture:

Helpful tips to streamline your choice

The starting to think about it phase

It’s ok to drop in and check us out as a first step. Many people start with a visit to Couch Potato, to see what styles and colours there are.

We suggest sitting on and looking at a few different styles. What styles do you like? Which are most comfortable? Do you need smaller or larger for comfort, or for your room?

Talk and think about how the room will be used. Do the styles, colours and types of fabrics that you are drawn to, fit your life and those you share with?


  • Measure the space you have for the piece or pieces that you are looking for.

Suggested tip: Use painters tape or newspapers and map out the area to determine the maximum / minimum length and depth, for your new upholstery.

  • Bring things from your home when you shop, showing us the colours and styles of your room.

Suggested tip: Bring I-phone or other pictures, samples of flooring, paint chips, wall art, fireplace finishes etc.

Suggested tip: Put decorating items that you have, in a box, bag, brown envelope or binder as you collect them and you’ll be ready to go.

Colours are varied

In upholstery, Grey and taupe in neutral sofas are the hottest trends, with bright toss cushions and accessories to give “pop” to your decor.

Many of the greys tones, have warmer undertones, there are also greys with a blue undertone and some that are almost black.

Textured neutrals, and navy also with bright fabrics for contrast are attracting many of our customers too.

Bright “pops” of colours are in patterned and plane shades of orange, greens, blues, turquoise, and also yellow. All these colours are energetic give an up dated retro look.

For slightly more formal styled rooms white or winter white is very popular and also lavender and dark purple.

Style is mixed and personalSofa Styles

Upholstery is often clean with square, narrow or wide “track arms” or simple round arms, not overly flared.

Coffee tables and other occasional pieces are less formal with natural or reclaimed rustic wood finishes often with some sleek pieces mixed in.

The look is personal, sophisticated yet comfortable, and not overly formal.

Other considerations

Condos with elevators, small hallways, tight corners or basement rooms can create problems for getting furniture in to your space.

At Couch Potato we do our best to save you from expensive mistakes.

Suggested tip: Measure the height of ceilings and width of halls for all access points to your space.

Also, ask about our planning idea. It’s our “will it fit, magic cardboard.”
Have questions? You can call the store and speak to Joanne, Rita, Shirley or Greg
phone: 604-988-8271