Welcome to Couch Potato, the Sofa Store


Bring the whole family, visit our store and sit, lie down, test, touch and try things out.

We provide a wealth of information to help you make the right choice. Dimensions, shapes and sizes, materials, colours, fabrics, delivery options and more.

We’ve been around

Couch Potato, the store has been in business, at 14th and Pemberton in North Vancouver since 1997. In 2009 the Morrison’s purchased Couch Potato from the Rasmussens who were retiring. Today, we still carry on with the same community minded and family values that started this business all those years ago.

Meet the Owner

The Owner Joanne Morrison didn’t take long to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

Joanne Morrison

She says, “As a kid, when I was allowed to take the bus, besides going skating, I would go to antique stores and I thought I would like to have a furniture store. I had no idea where you got new furniture because I was only 12. I read decorating magazines, and put wallpaper on all the boxes in my closet so they would look prettier. I rearranged my mom’s living room. It’s always been an interest.”

Joanne turned her early interest into a career working for major furniture stores and representing manufacturers. She even ended up marrying someone in the furniture industry.

Today Joanne shares the sales floor with Rita and Shirley. Her Greg son also helps in the store and with warehousing duties making this even more of a family business.

Our Staff Rita, Shirley and Greg are right on board with our philosophy. The light open space helps us connect customers with the right furniture. Our dedication to your satisfaction is a serious pledge to you.


Have questions? You can call the store and speak to Joanne, Rita, Shirley or Greg
phone: 604-988-8271